Complete Cards Volume 3 CD-Rom

///Complete Cards Volume 3 CD-Rom

Complete Cards Volume 3 CD-Rom

£12.99 £3.99

You can print the following from this CD-ROM
20 A4/A5 Full Decoupage Images
80 Matched Backing Papers
80 Matched Envelopes
80 Matched Insert Papers
32 Tag Designs
2 Gift box Designs
35 Colour Co-ordinated Greetings messages

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Compatible with PC and Mac



This is the third in the series of Complete Card CD-Roms which contain a range of fantastic decoupage images all co-ordinated with backing papers, inserts and envelopes.

Complete Cards Volume 3 has 20 decoupage images offering a wide range of images designed for children and teenagers. They will love to make the cards as well as to receive them. Several of the images are text editable which enables you to customise the numbers. With this CD-Rom you will not be stuck for cards for teenagers, who are notoriously hard to cater for and the cards for younger children really will be a big hit.

All aspects of the CD-Rom are co-ordinated so each decoupage image comes with 4 matching backing papers, inserts and envelopes. This will help keep your card individual and interesting and let you expand on your creative skills.

Adobe Reader
In order to run the CD-Roms it is necessary to have a single version of Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) installed on your computer. This software is supplied as standard with many Windows systems, however Windows 8 and 10 come with a different free PDF reader as standard and so you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for free from if you find you don’t have it already.

IMPORTANT: Please note before printing make sure the “PRINT PAGE” option is ticked.


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