How to Design and Make Simple Automata – Book

//How to Design and Make Simple Automata – Book

How to Design and Make Simple Automata – Book


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Paperback Book
80 x A4 Pages
270 x Black and White Illustrations

A downloadable version of this book and other products are available from Robert’s Automata Mechanical Toys website

4 in stock



If you fancy making Automata but are deterred by the thought of having to have lots of tools for wood working or a workshop. Well this book is for you. Nearly all the Automata featured in it are made from card or paper, the only wood used is for the drive shafts and this can be a barbecue stick or 5mm wooden dowel which can be easily cut. The book also contains the complete plans for making 6 different Automata out of thin card as well as suggestions for adaptations. It’s bursting with ideas, tips and information and really does offer you the perfect introduction to making your own simple Automata.
How to Design and Make Simple Automata was written by Robert Addams as a Teacher’s textbook for those in Junior schools. But you will be able to make fantastic Automata from recycled household items, paper card and wood. How to Design and make Simple Automata has 80 A4 pages and over 270 black and white illustrations and it explains clearly and simply how to design and make your own Automata. Starting with mechanisms; cams, pulleys, pneumatics, cranks and gears etc, each section looks in detail at a mechanical process. Explaining clearly how it works and how to apply this knowledge. It all builds up to a comprehensive and detailed guide which will prove invaluable to anyone wanting to learn the mechanical process to make Simple Automata for themselves.


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