Mechanica CD-Rom

Mechanica CD-Rom

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This CD-Rom will enable you to print

80 x A4 Backing Papers
80 x A4 Text Editable Pale Backing Papers
30 x Toppers
30 x Text Editable Panels
230 x Topper Elements
8 x Fold Templates

There is a Step By Step Video Tutorial On The CD-Rom explaining how the basic graphics capability on the CD works- click on Video Tutorial below.



When I designed this Mechanica CD Rom I took inspiration from the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era of Steam and Machines.  So I’ve included stunning backing papers and images based on those themes.  There’s a fantastic mix of Machines, Metals and Mechanisms which offers you a wealth of designs enabling you to create truly amazing cards. Something different and unique.  But you can create and make any style of card you like because it is a resource CD-Rom with basic graphics capability. You can choose to use it in the traditional way or you can create your own unique cards as – this CD-Rom will allow you to be in control of the creative process. The backing papers can be used as the starting point of a traditional card or to make stretch cards and popping boxes cards.  It offers the extended use of text edibility to really personalise a project or and can be used very effectively with Craft Dies as well as Rubber Stamps.

The basic graphics capability of the Mechanica CD Rom enables you to digitally Matt & Layer, giving crafters an opportunity to create amazing and individual card toppers with a degree of control not previously possible using Adobe without a separate graphics program. And it’s easy to do using two main keyboard controls, Copying and Pasting. That’s it. It’s simple when you know how and to show you exactly how to get the best results I’ve included full video instructions on the CD-Rom and I will teach you step by step – just click on the Video Tutorial button above.

I know many of you say that you struggle with cards for men, well I hope you will find that this CD-Rom has just made that problem a whole lot easier!

Adobe Reader
In order to run the CD-Roms it is necessary to have a single version of Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) installed on your computer. This software is supplied as standard with many Windows systems, however Windows 8 and 10 come with a different free PDF reader as standard and so you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for free from if you find you don’t have it already.

IMPORTANT: Please note before printing make sure the “PRINT PAGE” option is ticked.


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