Vintage Transport CD-Rom

///Vintage Transport CD-Rom

Vintage Transport CD-Rom

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You can print the following from this CD-Rom

50 x A5 decoupage Vintage Transport Images
18 x A4/A5 Backing Papers
15 x Large stamp images and mini decoupage
10 x A4 Clipage sheets
10 x A4 Stamp sheet Backing Papers
A5 Envelope Template
2 X Gift bag Designs
3 X Gift box Designs

Compatible with PC and Mac




Making that special card for a man is always difficult. This CD-Rom enables you to print a set of 50 fantastic images based on transport posters from the 1920’s and 30’s that will enable you to make stunning decoupage cards that will really be appreciated by the men and boys in your life.  It covers 5 areas –  Motor Cars, Motor Bikes, Trains, Planes and Ships, with ten images in each section so there is something to please every one. You also get 2 A4 sheets of backing paper stamps and a set of three larger stamps so you can further enhance your cards.  Each set also comes with two A4 clipage sheets which can be used as backing sheets for the image applied to an A5 envelope or gift box.

Each image is a little under A5 in size and comes with a complete set of decoupage images broken down into stages so they are easy to make.  This really is a must have CD-Rom for any crafter struggling to make cards for man and boys. You will love the images and versatility of this product, in fact the images are so stunning you may well want to frame them and use them as pictures around the house or to give as gifts.

The CD-Rom draws upon the golden age of travelling and motoring with a distinctive Art Deco feel to produce timeless cards that won’t ever go out of fashion.

Adobe Reader

In order to run the CD-Roms it is necessary to have a single version of Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) installed on your computer. This software is supplied as standard with many Windows systems, however Windows 8 and 10 come with a different free PDF reader as standard and so you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for free from if you find you don’t have it already.


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