Zodiac Stretch Cards CD-Rom

Zodiac Stretch Cards CD-Rom

£12.99 £3.99

This CD-Rom will enable you to make

12 Zodiac Themed Stretch Cards
2 sets of Zodiac designs and 6 Zodiac Wheels
Zodiac Information Toppers
Zodiac Metal Effect Plaques, Backing Papers and Birthstones

Compatible with PC and Mac




Following on from the success and popularity of the 4 Stretch Cards CD-Roms, I am pleased to bring you Zodiac Stretch Cards CD Rom.  As the title suggests the theme for this CD-Rom is the Signs of the Zodiac, so you can create 12 stunning, pre-designed cards, personalise them, or create your own using the templates on the CD.  There is an extra section with a fantastic range of Zodiac imagery, backing papers and birthstones, so you can really go to town on your cards.

There’s something about horoscopes that seem to really strike a chord with lots of people and even the doubters can’t resist checking out what the future may hold. So a Zodiac card should prove to be big hit with young and old alike, and with so much variety you can keep them looking fresh and exciting for years to come.

These Stretch Cards are simple and quick to make yet look amazing.  If you want to try your crafting hand at something a little bit different then the Zodiac Stretch cards should be right up your street, and remember you can make conventional cards as well which makes your CD-Rom even better value for money.

I hope you enjoy this CD-Rom as much as I did making it.  I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for all things astrological, and I love this Zodiac theme.  By the way, I’m a Leo!

Adobe Reader
In order to run the CD-Roms it is necessary to have a single version of Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) installed on your computer. This software is supplied as standard with many Windows systems, however Windows 8 and 10 come with a different free PDF reader as standard and so you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for free from www.adobe.com if you find you don’t have it already.

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